There are 3 qualities
that distinguish us from competitors

1. We have vast experience

Computer Housecalls 123 llc was formed in 1994 under Chris McClellan and David Schultz. Together they have combined 54 years experience in the IT field.

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David Schultz Info:

2. Certified specialists

Without a thorough knowledge of network technologies and confirming this knowledge, a specialist can harm the customer.

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More information

3. We repair all popular brands

We are proud that we can fix almost any model of a computer or laptop. We always have a lot of spare parts, monitors, motherboards and a lot of other.

We service all brands of systems. Dell, HP, PowerSpec, IBM…etc Types: Desktop, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Servers, Rack-Servers. You name it we do it. If you are also wondering about IOT device yes we do that too. So why wait give us a call today. Let us show you how real Techs operate.

Also we can help with Cloud Managed Service. Looking to spin up VPS, what hosting environment will work best? Yeah we do that too. Let say you want to spin up a VPS you will need web application firewall, along with Geo-Blocking to help protect your setup. Yes we do that. What about password protection to my site/page links? Again YES we can help.

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